All tuition, student account, and weekend program fees are published at their discounted for cash cost, as this is the method by which most parents make payments. Tuition and weekend program discounted rates may be found on the CVA website (

These discounted for cash or check payment may be paid online by selecting ACH as the payment option.

In order to accomodate those parents who have requested the ability to pay by payment card, CVA offers a method to make payment by credit card but at a non-discounted amount.

Credit Card transactions have additional costs to the school in the form of bank fees charged for accepting credit cards as a payment method. Accordingly, for the service of the families, and to offset the administrative overhead incurred by the school for processing payments for parents who elect to pay all or a portion of the tuition, student account, or weekend program using Visa / MasterCard / American Express / Discover, we have added an onine credit card payment option. The payment-card-only option will automatically calculate for you the non-discounted amount you owe, based on the portion of the bill you elect to pay by credit card. It will then allow you to make the credit card payment through this channel. Currently, the non-discounted amount is 3.00% higher than the cash discount amount.

Please contact Janis Meyer at 207-237-4473 or