Ski Cross


The challenging terrain at Sugarloaf, combined with our very own Seth Wescott–designed boarder/ski cross track, provides the perfect environment to hone racing skills. We have created a comprehensive program mirrored after our world famous boardercross program and will provide all of the resources needed to help you push your limits and achieve your personal best.

At CVA, we encourage our Ski Cross athletes to define what they are a part of and, more importantly, what they wish to get out of each experience. Every athlete engages in the process of designing their athletic growth through goal setting, competition planning, fitness evaluations, and conditioning planning.

2022 Highlights

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  • 100%

     of CVA Ski Cross athletes at 2022 USASA Nationals earned top-10 finishes
  • 78%

    of CVA Ski Cross athletes at 2022 USASA Nationals placed on the podium


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The Ski Cross group concentrates on developing a complete acquisition of skills needed for Ski Cross competition. All aspects of competitive skiing including, but not limited to techniques in SL, GS, SG, tactics, tuning and maintenance, visualization, and a complete understanding of FIS rules and procedures are addressed. Athletes primarily compete in USASA and FIS/Nor-Am events. All athletes in this group are introduced to Elite level FIS Ski Cross events as  needed to enhance and continue overall progression.


On snow, athletes are placed into a specific training group based on ability, past competition results, motivation, and individual goals relative to competition. Each individual's needs are assessed and a season-long plan is created that encompasses all details related to the season, and clearly defines the pathway to success.